Revolutionizing Maritime Connectivity: Unveiling Insights from a Groundbreaking Webinar

In a groundbreaking webinar titled “Maritime Connectivity: Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Satellite Communications,” over 100 maritime professionals gathered to explore the latest advancements and transformative strategies in satellite communication systems. This widely acclaimed event featured expert speakers who shared in-depth insights on key factors for choosing satellite communication systems, optimizing maritime network management, and pioneering case studies of hybrid approaches.

Navigating the Challenges in Maritime VSAT Technology:
Insights from Savvas Delis

Mr. Savvas Delis, Head of Sales at MarPoint, commenced the webinar by discussing the major challenges in maritime satellite technology. He emphasized the importance of reliable, affordable, and available connectivity as a fundamental human right for seafarers. Mr. Delis explored the intricacies of regulatory compliance, digital technology adoption, and fostering a seamless office-like environment on vessels at sea. His insights delved into the significance of faster connectivity as a differentiator, referencing a Yale University study on medical incidents at sea. Mr. Delis also examined the transformative potential of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology, focusing on projects like Quipper and Starlink Maritime, and showcased Starlink’s advantages in speed, stability, and cost-effectiveness.

Euronav's Satellite Communication Strategy:
Unveiling Perspectives from Dimitris Pavlidis

Dimitris Pavlidis, Fleet IT Manager at Euronav, shared valuable perspectives on Euronav’s satellite communication strategy and the impact of Marpoint’s Evo2 router. Euronav, with plans to equip its entire fleet with Starlink by the end of Q1, highlighted business benefits, global coverage, and enhanced crew welfare. Mr. Pavlidis emphasized the positive experience with Starlink, exceeding expectations and holding promise for future applications.

Choosing the Right Maritime Network Connectivity Solution: A Comprehensive Exploration by Mr. Christos Vythopoulos

Mr. Christos Vythopoulos, Head of Operations at MarPoint, delved into critical factors for choosing a maritime network connectivity solution. He introduced the EVO2 router as an ideal solution, emphasizing its cost-efficiency, compatibility, and advanced functionalities such as automatic failover and load balancing. The router’s adherence to cybersecurity guidelines, ISO 27001 certification, and ABS class approval for cyber safety underscored its reliability and security.

Dr. Michalis Michaloliakos: Unveiling TMS Group's Success with Starlink

Dr. Michalis Michaloliakos, Head of ICT at TMS Group, provided a detailed account of TMS Group’s successful integration of Starlink on 30 vessels, with plans to extend to 100 vessels by 2024. He highlighted Starlink’s ease of installation, low latency, high availability, and its tangible benefits in crew welfare and operational efficiency. Dr. Michaloliakos discussed the broader implications of embracing new technologies, emphasizing the need for traditional VSAT providers to adapt to evolving technologies or risk becoming obsolete.

During the webinar’s engaging Q&A session,  Mr. Tsialtas, Information Technology Manager at Laskaridis Maritime S.A,  a webinar participant, shared his firsthand experiences with Starlink’s transformative impact on maritime operations. He highlighted the benefits of streamlined remote connectivity, including quieter weekends and improved crew welfare. He also emphasized Starlink’s cost-effectiveness and proposed a strategic backup plan for enhanced reliability. While commending Starlink’s global coverage, he acknowledged the need for backup technologies in regions with geofencing challenges. Mr. Tsialtas’ insights reinforced Starlink’s potential to shape the future of maritime connectivity.

Additional Insights


  • The webinar highlighted the growing importance of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations for maritime connectivity. LEO satellites offer lower latency and higher bandwidth than traditional geostationary satellites, making them well-suited for real-time applications such as video conferencing and telemedicine.

  • The speakers emphasized the need for a hybrid approach to maritime connectivity, combining satellite and terrestrial networks to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solution.

  • The webinar highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in maritime connectivity, as vessels become increasingly reliant on digital technologies.


MarPoint would like to express our deepest appreciation to our speakers for their insightful presentations and to our esteemed participants for their enthusiastic engagement. With a participation rate of 99.5%, we are thrilled to have shared this knowledge-packed event with such a dedicated group of maritime professionals.

The webinar unveiled a compelling vision of the transformative impact of innovative satellite communication solutions on the maritime industry. From exploring the intricacies of maritime VSAT technology to showcasing real-world success stories with Starlink, the speakers collectively highlighted the importance of reliable connectivity, crew welfare, and adaptability to evolving technologies. The maritime industry stands at the cusp of a technological revolution, and these insights pave the way for a more connected, efficient, and future-ready maritime ecosystem.

MarPoint extends its sincere gratitude to all the esteemed speakers and participants for their invaluable contributions to the groundbreaking webinar. The insightful discussions and shared experiences have enriched our understanding of the transformative impact of innovative satellite communication solutions on the maritime industry.

MarPoint remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering excellence in maritime professional education. We are excited to announce a series of webinars in 2024 that will delve into cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends, and best practices in maritime operations. Stay tuned for further announcements and join us on this journey of continuous learning and innovation.

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