Integrate your Starlink connection

Give Your IT Department the Peace of Mind They Deserve

With our MultiWan Network Management Suite, you get the tools you need to improve the efficiency of your IT operations. Experience seamless LEO, GEO, 5G, and WiFi connectivity, cutting-edge network management, and a suite of features that will help you keep your operations connected and productive.

Integrate Starlink, GEO, 4G/5G, and WiFi for Performance Beyond Imagination

The evo2 network management solution combines Starlink satellite connectivity with GEO, 4G/5G networks to provide seamless and reliable connectivity for maritime operations. Network traffic is intelligently managed to ensure that data is routed through the most efficient and stable connection available at any given time. This allows for seamless access to critical applications, real-time data transfer, and reliable voice and video communication, even in remote or challenging environments.

Enterprise-grade firewall

Protects your vessel from cyber threats and ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Business / Crew Network Segmentation

Improve performance by reducing congestion.

DNS & Application Filtering

Safeguard your systems, control access, ensure a secure environment.

Auto-Gateway MultiWan & Load Balancing

Efficient load balancing and failover protection.

Hotspot Management & VoIP/ Voice Services

Control WiFi & streamlined communications.

Sensors Data Collection and reporting

Collect, analyze, and report on sensor data.

Self Managed Platform

Take control of your digital infrastructure with full administrative rights.

Cyber Security compliant

Safeguard your maritime operations. Protect your critical systems and data.

Administration & Management Portal

Designed to meet the most needed and must-have requirements of IT managers, our new control panel page brings unprecedented visibility into the performance, consumption, and status details of Starlink connections on vessels. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the evo2 router, this seamless integration allows for effortless data collection and transmission, delivering real-time, and comprehensive analytics for enhanced network management.


Key highlights of our new control panel feature include:

Comprehensive Starlink Performance Metrics:

Gain a comprehensive overview of crucial performance metrics such as throughput, latency, and packet loss. 

In-Depth Starlink Consumption Analysis:
Dive into consumption patterns to understand how data is utilized across your vessel’s network.

Real-Time Starlink Obstruction Monitoring:
Stay ahead of potential obstructions that may impact Starlink connectivity.

Starlink Status Updates and Alerts:
Stay informed about the current status of your vessel’s Starlink connection. 

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