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A failproof Ecosystem


Multi-WAN Network Management

The ultimate multi-WAN network management solution designed to deliver seamless internet connectivity, independent of airtime provider. 


Vessel Virtualization Server Solution

Managed IT Services

Streamlines your IT operations


Maritime I.T. OnBoard Services

Our services bridge the skill gap, optimize costs, ensure superior reliability and security, and guarantee service levels.

uni vm

Asset Inventory Management

Comply with IMO 2021 and IACS URs

Sensor Data Collector

Data Collection from IoT Sensors

Using advanced SNMP capabilities you collect detailed information about all connected devices, including IP addresses, specifications, and operational status.


Multi-Layer Maritime CyberSecurity Ecosystem

Intrusion Detection

ML-Powered automated attack detection

The Governor platform is a multi-layered cybersecurity ecosystem designed to safeguard your vessels and empower maritime managers to navigate the unexpected. 

The Seafarers' Companion

A Holistic Approach to Crew Welfare

Evo News

The free Crew Welfare service for the seafarers

Crew Internet

Give your crew a better life on board

Seafarers’ Companion is a smart tool to enhance communication, training, and well-being, ensuring seafarers’ success and fulfillment at sea.

The Seafarers Companion Crew Welfare All in One Solution

Starlink Maritime

Fast maritime connectivity is no longer a luxury

Outdoor 5G Router

Coverage up to 20 miles offshore

Light Maritime

True High-speed internet for your Yacht


For Worldwide Near Shore Connectivity

Give your ships office-like internet and transform communication possibilities for both crew and operations.

A starlink and a 5G Antenna

The Proof is in the Pudding

Join the 250+ companies that use our services

Case Studies

Chosen case studies from various installations on selected clients’ vessels


Posidonia 2024: A Week of Connections and Innovations

Posidonia 2024 has come to a close, and what an incredible event it has been! This year’s gathering brought together maritime industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the world, all converging in one place to share knowledge, forge new connections, and explore the latest advancements.


Asset Inventory Management: Insights from a Groundbreaking Webinar

Discover the key takeaways from our recent webinar on asset inventory management in modern maritime IT. Industry experts share best practices for enhancing cyber safety, ensuring regulatory compliance, and leveraging advanced tools for efficient resource management. Learn how to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with robust cybersecurity measures and proactive asset management strategies.