Golden Yachts – MultiRouter Dual 4Gs Installation


We are more than delighted with our choice for Marpoint’s MultiRouter as we are now able to enjoy high-speed 3G/4G and satellite Internet connection in any place we may travel or any port we may reach. We manage to keep our guests’ Internet and A/V experience high at the same time we also provide Internet to our crew. We have to thank Marpoint’s expertise for that. Golden Yachts IT Manager

Golden Yachts had difficulties in accessing high speed Internet in remote locations and ports, which was causing problems to both quests and crew. They were in immediate need of high speed 3G/4G, trustworthy routers that will provide Internet services many miles of shore with no extra hassle and problems.

Recognizing our client’s needs, we were able to provide him with an innovative and reliable solution. Our development team suggested the installation of the MultiRouter Dual 3Gs that answers all of our client’s demands with the following characteristics:

  • 1. Flexible and Reliable: Dual 3G/4G capability with auto failover combined with an auto getaway selection switching between VSAT, Dual 3G, Wi-Fi or Single 3G
  • 2. High Coverage: with up to 20 miles offshore 3Gs/4Gs
  • 3. Top Quality Service: with the application of a set of fair use policies and traffic prioritization
  • 4. High End Technology: FBB, VSAT, 3G, Wi-Fi with centralized control of all individual connection modes
  • 5. Ability to insert two SIM cards of same or different provider offering load-balancing and uninterrupted internet availability
  • 6. Audio/visual network control management and QoS policies using VLAN’s
  • 7. Owner, Guest and Crew networks personalization


Golden yachts trusted us with the installation and maintenance of the network and Internet infrastructure of 5 luxurious mega-yachts. Marpoint’s MultiRouter Dual 4Gs managed to:

  • 1. Offer high speed 3G/4G services to the guests and crew
  • 2. Reach an impressive average of more than 98% uptime
  • 3. Achieve high quality coverage even when the yachts were cruising to hundreds of different ports in over 5 countries and many remote locations