Internet, anytime & anywhere for Variety Cruises Quests

Marpoint - Internet, anytime & anywhere for Variety Cruises Quests

Delivering low cost, high speed internet with the quality and uptime that marpoint has secured for us through its exceptional hardware and services, has brought excellent reviews from our guest, while simultaneously enhancing our vessels’ communications and connectivity.Isidoros Karamouzos – Variety Cruises Reservations Manager

Variety Cruises is one of the leading yacht cruise lines worldwide, operating a fleet of 11 fully owned vessels offering travelers the ultimate Yacht Cruise experience. With capacities ranging from 5 to 36 cabins, Variety Cruises’ upscale yachts and experiential cruise itineraries embrace each destination by visiting much-loved and unfrequented ports of call in a private, intimate and relaxed environment. For More information please visit //

While enjoying the comforts and unique benefits of a small ship sailing the seas, Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity is a “must have” service in today’s Cruise ships. Variety Cruises as the” Best Boutique Cruise Line” worldwide needed to offer its guests and crew access to high speed Internet at a low cost while cruising in various ports around the world.


Recognizing our client’s needs, we provided him with a customized and reliable solution that combined, Wi-Fi network throughout the yachts, many miles off shore coverage and “Internet Café” capabilities for both guest and crew. More specifically, with the installation of our MultiRouter 3Gs Routers Variety Cruises Mega-yacht fleet enjoy the below features and services:

  • 1. Flexible and Reliable low cost 3G/4G and external Wi-Fi capability with manual getaway selection switching between external Wi-Fi or 3G
  • 2. High Coverage: with up to 20 miles offshore 3Gs/4Gs
  • 3. Top Quality Service: with the application of a set of fair use policies and traffic prioritization for maximum bandwidth utilization when multiple users and devices are connected
  • 4. Internet Café with prepaid PINs and Wi-Fi availability throughout the Mega-yachts
  • 5. User Friendly Interface for Hotspot creation and Router management
  • 6. Web filtering services for minimizing bandwidth consumption, parental control and smoother Internet browsing experience
  • 7. Audio/visual network control management and QoS policies using VLAN’s
  • 8. Captain, Guest and Crew networks personalization
  • 9. Fleet Web-control panel for vessel monitoring and bandwidth consumption
  • 10. Continuous 24/7 high quality remote and phone support

So far Variety Cruises has trusted us with the installation and maintenance of the network and Internet infrastructure of 7 of its luxurious mega-yachts. Having crafted a strong relationship over the years we are also proud to serve, the elegant Motor Yacht Callisto who recently joined the VARIETY CRUISES fleet. So far, Marpoint’s router and services managed to:

  • 1. Offer high speed 3G/4G services to the guests and crew
  • 2. Reach an impressive uptime average on all worldwide routes and destinations
  • 3. Produce return on Monthly Data communications costs