Marpoint – proudly serving Internet @ Sea for Atlantic Bulk Carriers

Marpoint – proudly serving Internet @ Sea for Altantic Bulk Carriers

Crew internet, crew VoIP calling and MultiWan getaways are just some of the many services being used on our fleet. With Marpoint services and unparalleled support, we have managed to increase our ROI on our VSAT airtime plans and at the same time provide low cost internet and communication to our crew Michael Sakellis, Atlantic Bulk Carriers – IT Manager

Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management Ltd, is a ship operator of eighteen (18) Handymax, Supermax and Panamax size bulk carriers. The company has a strong presence in international shipping with long experience providing safe and dependable worldwide transportation of quality goods by sea.
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Atlantic Bulk Carriers (ABCML), had the vision many years ago to be one of the first maritime companies to provide Internet to their crew and at the same time transform their vessels Internet and communications capabilities. Further to their decision to invest in C-Band VSAT equipment and airtime at the time, they also needed a custom unified platform for providing to the management, captains and crew a set of unique services that most of them were not existent in the industry at the time.

ABCML contracted Marpoint to build a custom enterprise grade router that would offer the below features and services:
  • 1. MultiWan Interface for manual and automatic switching of WAN interfaces
  • 2. Crew Internet using prepaid PINs incl. reporting and statistics (BYOD)
  • 3. Network firewall protection
  • 4. Vessel online/offline status and Remote Access to sea vessel via VPN, SSH, Web
  • 5. Remote Support
  • 6. Bandwidth shaping and management ( i.e. blocking P2P when on FBB)
  • 7. QoS – Quality of Service for management of small available bandwidth to be distributed between VoIP, Business and crew / entertainment network (allowing multiple Crew Internet cards to connect and surf at the same time).

Over the years additional features, updates and services have been added such as:
  • 1. Admin access rights
  • 2. VoIP Crew Calling with competitive termination rates for both company and crew incl. ability for crew to place VoIP low cost Calls through their smarphone (BYOD)
  • 3. Crew Web filtering for blocking specific webpage sites and categories
  • 4. Cloud Proxy Services
  • 5. Custom temperature sensors monitoring
  • 6. Integration with any Network platform incl. ECDIS & LAROS (Remote Monitoring)

All of the above have resulted to the latest version of Marpoint’s Unified Management Platform allowing ABCML to centrally monitor and directly interact with many Ship-to-Shore and Shore-to-Ship communications needs.

For over 5 year now, Marpoint has been serving ABCML vessel and office internet and communication needs.
Further to the original installations, Marpoint development and support teams, have offered ABCML 24/7/365 support along with access to new features and services. Based on IT and management requests, Marpoint also provides each client with predefined 6 month development roadmaps of all the innovative features constantly added to the list of services. As a company, we would like to thank ABCML for the trust they have given us over this exciting ongoing journey.