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Cloud Computing in the Shipping Industry

The first shipping-related webinar of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Greece, was successfully held and hosted by Marpoint on Wednesday, the 14th of April. 

Its topic: “Cloud Computing in the Shipping Industry: How to ensure your business continuity with AWS Back up and Disaster Recovery solutions” 

Amazon Inc’s cloud computing division opened its first office in Greece to support a growing number of companies and public sector agencies using its cloud services. 

The webinar was massively embraced by the Greek shipping community as with the IMO 2021 Cyber Risk Management regulation already in effect, shipping companies, among other, should ensure that specific measures are taken for back-up and restoration of cyber systems necessary for shipping operations impacted by a cyber-event. 

The webinar attendees had the opportunity to watch live, participate and interact with the panelists, composed of Shipping Companies IT Managers, AWS Solutions Architects and Marpoint AWS certified staff, throughout the following sessions: 

  • Why should a shipping company migrate to the cloud for its Back up and Disaster Recovery strategy?
  • Advantages of migrating to the cloud for Back Up and DR with AWS
  • Introduction to AWS Cloud Endure Disaster Recovery
  • The importance of Marpoint as the AWS Consulting Partner that will assist your Shipping Company to migrate to the AWS cloud and comply with IMO 2021

Marpoint will continue to undertake such initiatives by hosting events related to the major technological developments in the global shipping industry.

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