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A cost effective zero concession Maritime cybersecurity suite

Avoid complicated solutions and start protecting your IT Assets Now

3-layer protection against cyber threats

Governor has been carefully developed for the unique needs of Maritime commercial vessels.


IDS – Intrusion Detection System & Realtime Request Filtering

First layer
Network protection

  • Web DNS filtering with over 80 content categories containing over 460 million sites.
  • Application Filtering with dns/ layer 7 rules. Supported application include (application list expands continuously).
    Example applications:
    • Whats app
    • Gmail
    • List to be updated soon

Second layer
Layer 7 network filtering based on Talos database. Filtering covers all outbound and inbound traffic as well as local traffic

IPS – Intrusion Prevention System

Third layer 

  • Integration with local appliances
  • Antivirus (ESET) End Point Manager
  • Software Patching
  • Machine Learning on logs
  • Advanced Dashboard

    Centralized management, monitoring, reporting & alerting through a user friendly interface

    Features & Services

    Advanced Web Filtering

    Over 140 content categories containing over 460 millions sites

    Realtime requests filtering

    Enforce strong request policy filtering in vessel side using predefined and custom rules

    Application Filtering

    Selective allow or deny application (i.e. Whatsapp messaging)


    Easily monitor, filter and search vessel - fleet activity

    Central Management

    User friendly interface to manage vessels – fleet cybersecurity policies

    Zero maintenance

    No user action needed to keep system up to date

    3rd party products integration

    Easy integration with 3rd party products (ie Antivirus, security appliances)

    On demand Security Assessment

    Marpoint Security specialists can perform security assessment and penetration attacks on customer’s infrastructure.

    Machine Learning on logs

    Specialized Maritime EndPoint Security Solutions

    Marpoint - Evo2 Router side

    No extra hardware needed if Evo Series Routers are installed

    New features coming soon

    Alerting and automated block actions

    On board IDS

    Machine Learning Anomalies Detection and Sanitation